Taylor Wilde Reveals Why She Returned To Impact Wrestling, Talks Future


During a recent interview with WrestlingSC.com, Taylor Wilde commented on her return to Impact Wrestling, why she decided to come back, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On why she came back to wrestling: “It’s really crazy, it was simply a matter of all the stars aligning and women’s wrestling started to become really attractive to me again. When I left wrestling, I was really burnt out, I wanted a different job, I needed a new passion, I wanted to start a family and wrestling wasn’t catering to any of those needs anymore. In that span of 10 years, I have my beautiful son, I am a full-time fire-fighter in Toronto and I’ve been doing that for over 6 years. I really grew up into this person I wanted to be but, at the same time, I’ve watched all my friends grow in wrestling over the years and a part of me really missed that whole world. I feel like I had unfinished business and I’ve been lucky because I’ve always had a very good relationship with Impact Wrestling, formerly TNA, and I just had that fire burning again and they were in need, so again all the stars aligned and I think it’s worked out really well. I’m having more fun now and I feel better in the ring and physically and mentally than I did when I was in my prime in my 20s, so I think it was all meant to happen.”


On targeting Deonna Purrazzo and the Knockouts Title: “When I started my career in TNA, within the first month I became TNA Knockouts Champion. At that time, I became the youngest Knockout in history to ever hold the TNA Knockouts title and then I was one-half of the first-ever TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Coming back to this second chapter of my career, that is definitely a benchmark I would like to reach. I think I am a very good competitor for Deonna Purrazzo, but I’m not in a rush. She’s a really incredible wrestler, she’s an incredible champ, she’s held the title for some time. It’s also a massive responsibility but it is something I would like to accomplish in the second chapter of my career.”

On if she is looking to capture the Knockouts Tag Team Championships: “Absolutely, at the end of the day, I’m a competitive person so I don’t know how long the second chapter is going to last but I definitely want to come back and say I was Champion again.”

On the current women’s roster compared to her last run: “I would say it was different because the first chapter I had come up on the independent wrestling scene with everybody, so all the Knockouts had already all worked together for years on the independents, so we knew each other very well as both people and as wrestlers. Then, I took my 10 years off, this whole new roster, aside from Rosemary and Madison Rayne, is all-new competitors for me but because of my podcast, Wilde On, I actually interviewed every single one of them. Speaking to them for an hour and having these really personal intimate interviews about who they are as people, not so much who they are as wrestlers, I came into the locker room really feeling like I knew everybody and they definitely welcomed me with open arms. I have always said that Impact Wrestling is very much like a family atmosphere, we all want to work together to make a better product, we all want to push each other to be better performers, better wrestlers, so it always feels like I’m coming home it really does. The weirdest part about coming home after 10 years is feeling like I haven’t been gone for 10 years.”

On who she wants to work with in Impact: “Everyone. I’ve been gone for 10 years so this is a whole new crop to me. These are all new Knockouts and I want a piece of everybody. I want to get to know everybody. I want to be a better wrestler and the only way to get better is to work with as many people as you can, so I want to knock everybody off that list.”

On being interested in producing: “Absolutely and that’s something that’s really changed in the past 10-15 years, women having careers outside of being professional wrestlers. Ten or 15 years ago, there were no female agents, there were no female producers, there weren’t any females sitting on the Creative team, that’s just something that’s coming into fruition now, so that is absolutely something that I want to spread my wings with. I love wrestling, I love being back in wrestling but there’s no way my career as a professional wrestler can be as long as it was in my first chapter because I am 35. I started wrestling when I was 18, I did it full time until I was 25 and it really takes years off of your life because it is so hard on the body. I think I still have some gas in the tank but I would like to elongate my career and learn other trades of the industry because I think there need to be more women in a managerial role or in a creative role to help elevate women’s wrestling because it can’t all be done in the ring.”

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