Teddy Long Says He Was Surprised To Hear He Was Going Into The WWE Hall Of Fame


2017 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Teddy Long recently appeared on The Gerweck Report podcast. During the interview, Long said he was “certainly surprised” he was going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Long said,

“Yeah, I am certainly surprised it all happened, it is something I never did expect to really happen. I want to thank you, Steve, and I want to thank Frank, because of the fact, that you guys are the ones that really pushed for this thing and got back out there and on social media. A lot people don’t know. People think because I do a lot of talking on TV and stuff and that I am an outgoing person, well I am really not, I am kind of a loner. You guys were able to do that for me, and get me back out there, get me on this podcast, and get my name out there. This hall of fame thing, I am just honored to be apart of that. I really want to thank the WWE, the WWE Universe, Vince McMahon, Steph, Hunter, all those guys that gave me the opportunity to portray my talents and gave me a break, I just want to thank them all and say I appreciate it.”

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