The First Transgender Female Pro Wrestler Speaks Out


Amanda the Bloodthirsty Vixen, the first known transgender woman to compete in professional wrestling, recently spoke with about her career and more. Check out the highlights:

On how long she’s been wrestling and why she does: “I’ve been wrestling for a little over three years now and fell in love with the sport because of the ladies of wrestling. Watching them go out there and perform stole my heart.”

On how fans have treated her as a transgender woman: “They have been very open to my gender. I’ve yet to run into a fan in any wrestling organization who has a serious problem with me.”

On whether her transition gives her an advantage or disadvantage: “No, I don’t think I do. Wrestling is about the technique, speed and strategy. It is not always about strength, it’s more about being one step ahead of your opponent.”

On whether she wrestles women only: “I wrestle against all comers, both men and women. In fact, at a recent AWA event, I gave the Heavyweight Champion SoCal Crazy a run for his money.”

On her gimmick: “As you can see I look like a Vixen and here’s the whole Blood Thirsty part … lol. My first major appearance was at XPW’s 10th Year Anniversary show at the world famous Arena nightclub in Hollywood. I came out with my BFF Angel formally known as “The Hardcore Homo” in his hardcore death match against “The Human Horror Show” Supreme. I stuck my nose where it didn’t belong and paid for it with tables, light tubes and barbwire! I got a taste of the hardcore side of pro wrestling and wanted more! So that’s how I came up with The Blood Thirsty Vixen.”

On her background: “I am Mexicana born and raised in Long Beach, Calif., and currently back and forth from Long Beach to Glendale, Ariz . Deep question now, I see … lol. Well, when I went to kindergarten, I realized I was different. The teacher divided the boys from the girls and I instinctively went with the girls. She told me I belonged with the boys and that’s where it hit me. I knew I was different in some way I didn’t understand. It was very scary and lonely till I reached my teen years and decided to become who I feel I am on the inside.”

On if she considers herself a transgender rights pioneer: “No, I’m too preoccupied with the future to consider myself a pioneer. Currently I’m focused on my wrestling career here in the American Wrestling Alliance. But my dream is to open a Transgender Center to assist homeless, troubled and those in need. I want to give back to my community.”

On if she’s a role model and who her role models are: “I would be humbled to be considered a role model. It’s not an easy thing to be. My role models in wrestling are the ladies of wrestling, specifically Lita, Luna Vachon and Ariel.”

On who she would have at a hypothetical dinner party: “It would be a wrestling dinner party. Luna Vachon: She’s one of my favorites and I would LOVE to pick her brain about everything wrestling. Vince McMahon: It would be an opportunity to talk business and possibly convince him to give me a shot. Haha! And Selena: An amazing entertainer. She can show me how to do the ‘washing machine.'”

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