The Godfather

The Godfather Details Becoming The Goodfather: “Vince Didn’t Wanna Take It Away”


Charles Wright, the man who played The Godfather character in the WWF/E, has spoken about his brief transition to The Goodfather. He also commented on why WWE Chairman Vince McMahon deemed the change necessary.

Speaking on the That 90’s Wrestling Podcast, The Godfather, had this to say:

“Vince didn’t want to take it away, if Vince could’ve had, he’d have had me out there with the girls forever. Just times were changing man, back then times were already starting to change. He went public, we were no longer on cable, we were on network now and people are taking a closer look at what we’re doing and you know from the puppies, and the suck its, to Val Venis. 

I mean, I was calling girls hoes and talking about smoking weed. So I mean, I was a handful. Vince would tell me at TV ‘Yo Charles, I’m fighting for you I’m fighting for you.’ But it got to the point where I couldn’t be on Saturdays, or Sunday mornings, I couldn’t be on before 10 o’clock at night. I couldn’t say this, I couldn’t say this, the girls had to be covered it just got really stupid after a while, but yeah I wasn’t happy at all. I wasn’t, at that point, I was done.”

The Godfather’s transition to The Goodfather lasted approximately a year, starting in the July of 2000, when he joined the Right to Censor stable. During his time in the stable, The Godfather would win the WWF World Tag Team Championship’s alongside fellow Right to Censor member Bull Buchanan.

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You can check out That 90’s Wrestling Podcast’s full interview with The Godfather below:


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