The Miz Rips Zack Ryder Over His New T-Shirt Design, Ryder Responds


As we reported over the weekend here on eWn, Zack Ryder is releasing his first post-WWE t-shirt through It’s safe to say The Miz is not a fan of the design! The Miz responded to the design of the t-shirt, saying,

“And you made fun of my shirts.”

Ryder replied with the following, “Yeah, mike…As the calls were coming in that your colleagues were losing their jobs, I quickly set up a pro wrestling tees store and got a logo out ASAP before I even got the phone call. Pro wrestling tees is a website where independent wrestlers sell their merch. Independent wrestling is…ah nevermind.”

Matt Cardona (formerly Zack Ryder) shuts The Miz down on Instagram from SquaredCircle

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