The Miz Says He Can’t Believe He’s A Veteran In WWE Now


The Miz will be hosting this year’s WWE WrestleMania 39 pay-per-view event.

During a recent interview with The Athletic, the “Most Must-See” WWE Superstar commented on how far he’s come in his WWE career so far, using his Real World money to become a wrestler, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how far he’s come in his WWE career: “I don’t believe I was anyone’s favorite. Man, where did the time go? I blinked and now, here I am, a veteran in the locker room. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be a veteran in the locker room where people ask me for advice.”

On using his Real World money to become a wrestler: “I spent $5,000 on wrestling school, acting classes that were $400 a month, improv classes that cost a lot, a nutritionist to gain weight. I’d look on Men’s Fitness (magazine) for workouts to get bigger and get jacked so I could be taken seriously in the WWE. I was investing in myself.”

On being kicked out of the locker room early in his career: “A lot of people would tell me, ‘How come you didn’t just fight the dude who kicked you out?’ Locker rooms are about respect from your peers. If you don’t have that, fighting the locker room is not going to get it. It’s taking a slice of humble pie, figuring out what you did wrong and making it right.”

On working with Bad Bunny and Logan Paul: “Everyone said I’m not a wrestler, just good on the mic. Now I’m the person, when someone has never wrestled before, they put me with him.”

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