The Usos on WWE Saying They Looked Too Much Like Roman Reigns After Changing Gear


The Usos were recently guests on “The New Day: Feel The Power” podcast to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Jey on WWE officials saying they looked too much like Roman Reigns after changing their ring gear:

Yeah, use [there was resistance to Usos giving up the face paint]. Obviously, for the heel change, we needed to change everything, but they were saying when they had first seen us working in all black, it was like, ‘you guys look too much like Roman. Don’t look like Roman.’ ‘Man, who the hell else are we supposed to look like? We’re in the same gene pool, uce.’ Like, we fought to get that [face paint] off. They wanted us to keep it, but in my mind it wasn’t going to work. There was no way we could get away from that. Like, we were colorful, but then we had to get completely away from that. ‘They can’t tell who y’all are without the face paint.’ You know how that is.

Jimmy on living up to the Samoan Dynasty:

Man, I think it was because we were always Rikishi’s boys or y’all just got in it, right? But I always knew they all had their own little schtick, right? ‘Kishi was the dancing, Umaga was like the bad one, the killer, man. To me, one of my favorite ones was Tonga Kid, back in the day. They all had their own style, right? And that’s why me and use [were] like, ‘man, that’s what we need.’ But we always knew our style is easy. It’s us. It’s hip. It’s cool. We can kick it with anybody. It’s neutral. To me, we’re just neutral to everybody.

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H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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