The Young Bucks’ Autobiography Is #2 On Best Selling List


According to a report by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The Young Bucks’ autobiography is available for pre-order. The book went #1 on Barnes & Noble’s best seller list, which is quite impressive since the book will not be released until November.

What is more impressive, however, is the book went to #2 on Tuesday after being down to #12 the day before. This boost likely came from Being the Elite, which had touted its sales. Most of the books in the top ten have been politically oriented and get publicity daily on the news channels. The current sales of the book will count toward week one in November for the New York Times chart, which measures all sales instead of just one market (such as Barnes & Noble).

On Amazon, the book was #28,507 on Tuesday and #5 in pro wrestling books, with the Bella Twins’ autobiography at #1.

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