Theory Says He Would Love To Have A Customized WWE US Championship


WWE United States Champion Theory was recently interviewed by 95 KGGO as he spoke about his desire for WWE to create a customized United States Championship for his character, among other topics that were also discussed below:

Austin Theory on if he has ideas for a custom US title belt: “You can’t give out all the clues or spoil all the surprises. I do like the United States Championship that I hold, maybe because I hold it. I got my awesome Theory plates on the side. I’ll be rocking this for a little bit, but who knows, I might change it pretty soon, maybe.”

What he would want to have on his custom title: “For me, I definitely would have something that is more flashy. I love the spinner titles, I think they are great. Maybe there is a way to incorporate a camera or something on there. Take a selfie with the title. Imagine, you lay somebody out, and then you hold the title up and it’s taking a picture of them on the ground. How cool is that?”

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