Toni Storm Talks About WWE Evolution PPV, Most Emotional Moment Of Her Career & More


NXT Superstar Toni Storm was interviewed by Inside the Ropes as she commented on the WWE Evolution PPV from 2018, the possibility of a second Evolution PPV and so much more.

On the idea of a second Evolution show: “I would love it, and I think there will be. I think it’s important that we keep the momentum going for this women’s revolution. It’s really important to me. It’s the best thing to ever happen to my career. So I’m sure, in the future, there will be another one. No doubt.”

On her appearance and win at Evolution: “That was probably the most emotional day that I had ever had in my entire career. I think it really put me on the map that night and, ever since, things have been just smooth sailing. That was the momentum that I needed to get myself to where I am now. It’s cool going in to TakeOver knowing that I know exactly how to beat Io and I know everything about it. It fills me with confidence. It’s good.”

On watching the show from Gorilla Position: “The whole the whole night was crazy because, if I remember correctly, my match with Io was on after the Battle Royal and that’s where they brought back, like, everyone that I grew up watching. So, I’m stood there waiting to go out and do this match and just one after the other… It’s just one person after the other that I grew up watching. It was really surreal to me. I’d never really been in that environment before. So yeah, I was like, ‘Wow, here I am. I’m finally getting to where I want to be.’ Evolution was very special to me and it’s it’s been good ever since.”


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