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Tony Nese Reveals His Favorite Wrestler He Faced In WWE, More



Former WWE Superstar Tony Nese has praised Buddy Matthews, formerly Buddy Murphy as his favorite opponent in WWE.

Speaking to Joey G. for Wrestling Headlines, Nese, a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion was asked about his favorite matches in the company, and had nothing but praise for the Australian wrestler:

“I’d have to put the second Buddy Murphy match up there. There’s so many reasons behind it too. We pulled the best out of each other. And this was, again, for anyone who doesn’t know, it’s the two days after WrestleMania 35. This was in Barclays and that’s the thing. The whole environment, where we were, the fact that it was WrestleMania weekend and then not only that but like we were the last possible wrestling that everyone was going to watch after such a long week.”

Both Nese and Murphy have since been released from WWE, but the AEW wrestler remains optimistic about his favorite opponent: “He’s got a great aura around him. He attracts a lot of people, so people are very interested in him when they see him. So that definitely helped a lot. Yeah, it just felt so good by the end of that night when we were just getting a reaction that even 205 doesn’t normally get. So after all of that, that weekend, and we still got that reaction, that goes down as one of the most special moments for me.” Nese was released from WWE on June 25, 2021, and after his in-ring AEW debut in November, officially signed with the company on December 3.
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