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NewsTop 10 Coolest Entrance Themes Of 2016.

Top 10 Coolest Entrance Themes Of 2016.



Ember Moon

Her entrance has potential to be more, but it’s still beating many others. Everything about it suits the character, and in time the moon will become synonymous with her.


The multi-coloured attire mixed with plain white masks is definitely unique. It’s also becoming a symbol of dominance, an entrance you certainly do/don’t want to see depending which side you’re supporting. She enters with a swagger, and supreme confidence in her abilities. At NXT Takeover: Toronto, fans showed their support by donning masks.


I love evil stuff. For a long time TNA didn’t want to make a group of misfit monsters, but it all changed when Abyss was left with nothing to do. Crazzy Steve was just .. a jobber, and Rosemary was making a living in the independents. So to my surprise they stuck them together, gave them an old Marilyn Manson song, and they clicked right away.

TNA noticed their potential and made them tag team champions (for months), and Decay played a huge part in “The Great War” against The Hardys at Bound For Glory. I was never really a fan of the song “Nobodies”, but it’s ok now .. as long as it’s during Decay’s entrance.

Tye Dillinger

10! 10! 10! – You know what I love about this entrance? The simplicity of it. No need for crazy lighting, no need for lyrics, all you need is an entrance theme and video which emphasizes “10”. Can’t give it anything less than 10/10.


Member Goldberg? Member WCW? (Sorry, South Park reference). Well yes, actually people do remember and they have asked for his return for 12 years. He comes back .. and the entrance is as well. And in full force with his WCW theme, and not his WWE theme which was good, but not as good.


A year ago this was definitely one of my favourite entrances in wrestling. It’s starting to get a little dated, but I’m no hater .. I just think they need to add something. Having no Carmella for the “she’s hot as hell” line seems to take away from it a little. Whatever I think of Enzo and his naked body, it still gets a great reaction and you can’t teach that!

Warning: Video is loud.

Finn Balor

WWE has missed him this year. His entrance has already been compared to The Undertaker’s and I agree that it’s going to continue to be one of the best entrances WWE has to offer. We ain’t seen the best of Finn yet .. or the Demon.

“Broken” Matt Hardy & “Obsolete” Brother Nero

Guilty. I approve of wacky, crazy, illogical disasterpieces which transcend time and space. I approve of the broken universe and obsolete mules. I also highly appreciate Reby Hardy and young King Maxel Hardy for adding the family factor. Senor Benjamin and Vanguard #1 have also played their minor roles to perfection.

Watching Reby Hardy play the piano like a butterfly completely changed my perspective of her. Quite possibly the greatest thing about all of this is Matt has been the center of attention, while Jeff has reinvented himself again by claiming to be obsolete compared to his brother.

The first thing I say to anyone about this gimmick and story is you cannot take it seriously. Trying to make sense of it will hurt your head, and I highly recommend against thinking too much about the absurdities. I didn’t know what to make of it at first either, but once I stopped fighting and embraced it as the crazy crap that it is, I came to realize they were doing it for the laugh and to be different.

Reminds me of a B-movie. Back in the day people would watch B-movies as they were cheap (or free), and people didn’t complain as you knew what you were getting. And it turned out some of those movies were great! In fact some may have been better than the feature films you paid lots of money to see.

Having a lower budget means you can’t rely on special effects, or great actors, or great camera work, you work with what you have and do what feels right. And that’s what The Hardys are now .. a living breathing B-movie which will continue as long as Matt Hardy retains his broken brilliance.

Shinsuke Nakamura

I don’t know, it’s like I have a continuous brawl playing out in my head over whether it should be #1 or not. I love everything about the entrance, and I was afraid that Shinsuke wouldn’t get a good entrance upon joining WWE, but luckily it squares up to his previous and has managed to go beyond expectation. Those violins … never stop playing those violins.

Bobby Roode

I wish TNA made him stand out like this. The former, longest reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion is a big selling point for NXT at the moment, and his entrance theme is well .. glorious! I can’t argue with it, it’s beautiful, stunning, emotional, fitting, egotistical, and I can’t possibly continue listing adjectives as they will never truly describe how glorious it is.

I’m lost for words, so let me finish up by thanking you for respecting what I like, and in no way am I telling you that this is the best and you should like what I like. You tell me what you like .. instead of putting me down for liking something you don’t like and vice-versa. Give us your “perfect 10” entrances of the year. Make your list glorious. Make it wonderful. Otherwise, you might as well classify yourself as obsolete. Reference overload .. and you can’t teach that! Thanks for reading.

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