Triple H Admits WWE is “Keeping an Eye on AEW” and They Will Do What’s “Best for Their Business”


He was asked about more explosive moves and is there a line. He said for him it comes down to safety and whether the moves can be done the right way. If they feel there is a risk it cant be done safely it won’t be done. Sometimes they have to protect the talent from themselves since they are Thorobreds.

Nick Houseman asked if talent would be called up after Mania.

Paul said that it’s a work in progress. If we need it, it will happen. If they don’t, it won’t. It depends on what is best for the product.

He was asked if there any plans on getting NXT on a network. Paul said right now they are focusing on moving Smackdown to FOX. He said they are very excited about the move and focused on that.

The last question came from Ryan Satin. He asked about the call up process. Can NXT UK wrestlers be called straight up or will they have to go to NXT first. He said it would depend on the talent and where they are in the process. He said anyone from anywhere can be called up at anytime. He said that they need to make sure they have the tools and are prepared for it when it happens. He said that when you watch the talent on TV, you don’t always see the work they they still need to do in other areas. They want them prepared for success in the best way possible.

He was asked about India and if there was a specific place in India where they would want to have a center. He said that they are going through that now to see what location works best. They have partners there to consider. They want to be in the place that is best connected all around. Current and new deals will shape the thinking as to where it will be best to go.

That wrapped the call. We will be doing another call after the show on Saturday!

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