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NewsTriple H On The Differences Between The Mae Young & Cruiserweight Classics

Triple H On The Differences Between The Mae Young & Cruiserweight Classics



As previously noted here on eWn (click here to read), WWE executive Triple H sat down with Scott Dargis of NBC Sports and went over a wide variety of topics. During a particular portion of the interview, Triple H compared two of his creations; the Mae Young Classic and the Cruiserweight Classic.

Here’s what “The Game” said:

Triple H: “I think the Cruiserweight Classic was easier from a sense of being able to find video and opinions on talent. There are cruiserweights working all over. The opportunities for guys at that level in our business is numerous. While not lucrative necessarily, there’s guys doing it all over the place and all you need is a phone right now to post your stuff up, so you can find footage of people everywhere, it made it easy.”


“The women is a lot different. The women don’t get booked on the independents nearly as much. That opportunity is very small and that was kind of the key about creating the Mae Young Classic. The thought about it in the very beginning was to create that opportunity. There’s a respect level that I have for these women and it speaks to the difference you’re talking about.”


“The cruiserweights were the guys that while they might have said: ‘Oh I’m smaller, I don’t know if I would make it in WWE’. You had some examples of smaller guys having success like Rey Mysterio, but there were still other opportunities. You could travel around and get booked all of the time, there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow no matter how you were doing it. The ability to stay active was there.”

“For the women, they got into the business for the same reason all of us did, they love it. They watched it one day and thought it was the greatest things they ever saw and thought I have to do this. Except there was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there was the opportunity for maybe a woman here or there and those were even limited. Even the bookings, if you go to any show in any little armory around the world, there’s probably one women’s match on there, if you’re lucky. If one woman is on the show she’s usually someone’s valet.”



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