Tucker Says WWE Lied To Him Numerous Times Over Heavy Machinery Split


During a recent interview with WrestleTalk, former WWE Superstar Levi “Tucker Knight” Cooper commented on WWE splitting up Heavy Machinery, WWE lying to him about it multiple times, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On WWE splitting up Heavy Machinery: “I was never told (about the split) really. The first time I found out that it might happen was at TVs the day that we did the Talking Smack segment (for the draft), I found out a couple of hours before that, ‘Hey we’re gonna do this Talking Smack thing where they’re gonna say that like…’, but it wasn’t like a hard split really, because they were just putting us on different brands and they were kayfabing everybody on what was up. And then a few weeks later we do the El Gran Gordo thing with Otis in a mask pretending not to be Otis, and then I think the split happened two days after that. I wasn’t booked that day, the day the split happened, I wasn’t booked to be on the show that day. And then I got a call at like 1:00 in the afternoon saying, ‘Hey, we need you to come to the arena’. I’m like, ‘Okay…’. And then I wasn’t even told until, I don’t even know, like 3:30 or 4:00 what was gonna go down. And that plans changed a couple of times, and looking back on it, I don’t know this, but I’m very sure, I feel confident that the way that it happened was so that I wouldn’t ask a bunch of questions, and so that I would kinda be frazzled into doing it, which is exactly what ended up happening.”

On not being told about plans with Otis and Money in the Bank: “So honestly I didn’t really get any answers on that (plans for Otis’ Money in the Bank run) either. I think that Otis getting the briefcase was a real last minute decision, I believe, I don’t know that either. The truth of the matter is, no I don’t really have any set answers, I didn’t get any, I feel like I was definitely lied to straight to my face on multiple occasions.”

On originally being planned for RAW Underground: “I do believe that there was potentially plans for me to do Raw Underground, and that was kind of the initial plans for me on the split. And then kind of in the mix, Raw Underground became not a thing anymore, but the split still happened and then there was nothing there for me, and I believe that’s a possibility. But I don’t know what actually happened with that, and that’s basically the information that I have and the best guesses I can make at this point.”

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