Two WWE NXT UK Stars Injured


Two WWE United Kingdom stars have apparently suffered injuries.

Travis Banks and Sam Gradwell have announced on Twitter that they’re currently dealing with injuries. Banks revealed in a statement that he suffered a dislocated shoulder about a month ago. He assumed he’d be cleared to wrestle soon, however, that has yet to happen:

“Hello everyone. As probably a surprise to no one now. About a month ago I suffered a dislocated shoulder.

“Initially I thought I would be clear to wrestle sooner rather than later. However, that hasn’t been the case and unfortunately, I still don’t have a return date to give everyone.

“At the moment shows and dates I have been advertised for will have to be postponed until I’m cleared. I will try [to] keep you all updated as best as possible. Many blessings.”

Gradwell also released a statement on his injury. He said that during his WWE physical doctors found a suspected re-injury or loosening of his left ACL that was reconstructed in 2012:

“During my WWE physical this weekend, the doctors found a suspected re-injury or ‘loosening’ of my left ACL that was reconstructed in 2012.

“Currently awaiting an MRI to assess damage (hopefully minimal) but in the meantime, I am unfortunately not cleared to wrestle.

“Apologies to those who were looking forward to seeing me wrestle over the coming weeks, hopefully, it’s nothing major and I’ll be back ASAP!”

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