Update: 2 More TNA Contracts Expiring


Source: Pwinsider.com

Here are some more details on the story of AJ Styles’ contract expiring soon. According to sources, this is not a situation where the contract end date has been forgotten about and catching TNA unaware as happened to Bobby Roode and RVD; indeed, Styles and TNA have been talking about a new deal for a while now.

The situation comes down to money. With John Gaburick replacing Bruce Prichard in the talent relations department there has been (as previously reported) as shift in TNA’s business strategy. Gaburick is implementing changes to improve TNA as a viable and successful company and in addition, TNA is working under more of a budget. While everyone wants Styles to stay, it comes down to the fact that they have to try and find a deal that makes sense for the company financially. Styles has ten years of time with the company and doesn’t want to tread water or fall back financially compared with the money he’s making now, but while TNA understands that they have to work within their budget. They want Styles to stay but understand that he may have to take a better deal elsewhere for the sake of his family.

The company is also trying to uncover new, young talent that they can build into stars and that their audience has hit a ceiling; as a result, Styles’ experience and tenure may have made him too expensive for the company.

Two other people are likely to be affected; the first is Ken Anderson who is talking with the company but may come down to the wire while the second is the person who is losing tonight’s loser leaves TNA match. That person is said to be likely leaving in the next month or two.

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