Update On A UWF Release – Major Issues


Source: Pwinsider.com

As previously reported, Rasche Brown is no longer a part of the Urban Wrestling Federation and has been stripped of the UWF Title, which he won at their last PPV Street King. Rasche broke the news on his Facebook Page, saying, “No longer in any way shape or form affiliated with UWF or Urban Wrestling Federation, so if you supported because of me, thank you… You can stop now…”

According to sources, UWF ended negotiations as opposed to agreeing to several requests that Brown wanted in exchange for returning when his contract expired after the first three PPV’s. One of the points, which is said to be the breaking point, was Brown’s ring outfit which he wanted to dress as he wanted. UWF has been looking for wrestlers to take a “Grand Theft Auto” style of dress as opposed to traditional wrestling gear. This was said to be the final straw for the promotion, who had already agreed to several demands, and they ended negotiations. Brown touched upon the issue in a separate Facebook post, saying, “..There are basic fundamentals in pro wrestling that should not change and I’m not a storm trooper trying to look like the rest of the roster and I don’t need some white man who never spent a day in the ghetto trying to tell me how “WE” act and what “WE” wear… “

There have been complaints from other wrestlers about the promotion, including Rickey Reyes who left the promotion as well. Talent was upset that the hip-hop artists were getting more attention than the wrestlers when the wrestlers were the ones taking the bumps. UWF happened to have shot a vignette on the night of the first taping where Brown handed the belt over to “persons unknown” after his win, which was originally supposed to be an out in case one of the rappers left the promotion. It will end up serving as the reason for Brown not being the champion anymore, which will be explained at the next PPV.

UWF commented on the issue with the following statement:

“With the above prior explanation to why no contract was offered to Rasche Brown for future UWF tapings, this statement is unfounded and was never an issue at all and was never discussed. The Urban Wrestling Federation continues to strive to book the best available talent fitting the UWF mold. The producers of the UWF have booked matches that have garnered universal praise from wrestling fans and top wrestling press reporters for the first three pay per view events “First Blood, Hood Justice, and Street King.” The original list of talent with whom the producers wanted to work was too long to fit in/on the previous three pay per views and now some of those talents, rumored to be from both the west and east coasts, will be moved onto the active roster. The UWF is a place for stars to be made, and we welcome hardworking talent to our roster, known and some currently unknown. We welcome the addition of select talents signed from the S.A.T.’S Ludus Professional Wrestling School located in Brooklyn, NY, where we feel Joel and Will Maximo provide great knowledge and experience to all their students veterans and new students breaking into the business.The Urban Wrestling Federation provides a perfect platform for talent that wish to elevate themselves and game on our nationally televised pay per views, DVD’s, company branded website, many social media platforms, as well as an aggressive national marketing campaigns including ads on urban and rock radio stations in major markets, print ads in magazines and newspapers, as well as ads on national TV cable networks on highly rated programs.”

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