Update on Enzo Amore and Tama Tonga’s Ongoing Beef


We here at eWn have been following the ongoing situation between nZo (Enzo Amore) & Tama Tonga.

Tensions have been brewing between the two ever since the G1 Supercard event. Tama instantly voiced his displeasure over the “Invasion” angle that occurred, along with Ring Of Honor not informing New Japan of it ahead of time.

You can read up on this by clicking the following link: Enzo & Big Cass “Invade” G1 Supercard

Enzo late Tuesday posted a video throwing shade at the locker rooms of both NJPW/ROH. This video prompted Tama Tonga to respond early Wednesday with a video of his own.

You can see Enzo’s video in the article here: Enzo Shoots On ROH & More

Throughout the day multiple responses were released from both individuals over Twitter. At this time it is unknown if this is a work or a shoot. Ring Of Honor has been rumored to have soured on the idea of bringing Free Agent Z (Enzo & Big Cass) into the company.

Below are the series of video responses released on Twitter: 


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