Update On WWE ’13 Sales + The WrestleMania 28 Buyrate


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Pre-order numbers for the new “WWE 13” video game are already above last year. We’re told pre-orders are up 170% for Xbox, 189% for PS3 and 84% for the Wii. Many have noted how hard WWE is pushing the game this year with the “Revolution is Coming” campaign, the use of Attitude Era stars in the game and a marketing focus using CM Punk.

— WWE’s updated projection for WrestleMania 28 PPV buyrate is 1,144,000 buys. This would put the show at 670,000 buys domestic and 474,000 internationally. The current record was set with WrestleMania 23 on April 1, 2007 with 1,250,000 buys worldwide. WWE originally reported the number as setting a record with 1.3 million buys just weeks after the show and reportedly figured the show would trend past 1.25 million when more data would become available. It should be noted that it was ahead of the pace of original reported numbers for WrestleMania 23 back in 2007 by around 30,000 buys. As numbers stand now it would be the second most purchased event for WWE.

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