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— Wrestling Cares Association returns on October 12th at the VFW Post 3261 in Gardena, CA. The show will feature the quarterfinals of the “Race for the Ring” tournament and will feature special hostess Daffney. Here is the card…


Adam Pearce vs. Johnny Gargano

Adam Cole vs. Pepper Parks

Papadon vs. Cassidy Riley

Kyle Matthews vs. Steve Anthony

Non-Tournament Bouts:

Taeler Hendrix vs. Katarina Leigh (Winter)

Drew Gulak vs. Timothy Thatcher

Aaron ‘Jesus’ Aguilera in action

— SHINE returns to iPPV tomorrow night for the SHINE 13 event, which you can order at this link. At this time, here is what is scheduled for the show…

SHINE Championship Match: SHINE Champion Rain w/ April Hunter vs. Angelina Love

Live Event Hostess – Chasity Taylor

Also appearing:

Valkyrie of Ivelisse, Allysin Kay & Taylor Made

Amazing Kong

Jessicka Havok

Mia Yim


Mercedes Martinez



Su Yung

Amber O’Neal

The All Star Squad of Nikki Roxx, Solo Darling & Daffney

Sassy Stephie

Leah Von Dutch

Jessie Belle

Taeler Hendrix

The Debuting Nikki Storm

The Debuting Xandra Bale

The Debuting Nevaeh

— The Rocks off Pro Wrestling Film Festival has announced two new film screenings. The festival is set to be held in November at the Kraine Theater in New York. You can get information on the new screenings below. And you can order tickets to the festival here.

SADERMANIA (2013, Director Adam Gacka)

SATURDAY November 23rd – 11 AM, Doors 10:30 AM

Even if you have a passing casual reflection on the world of professional wrestling, you know who the red & yellow emblazoned Hulk Hogan is. Icon of the 1980s national wrestling explosion, Hogan remains one of the most well known celebrities of his era, parlaying that into reality TV, feature films and much more. But, despite the hype, the prayers, the training, the vitamins and the larger than life persona he’s cultivated, Hulk Hogan is just another mortal man – but one that has inspired countless others with his exploits.

There is perhaps no one in the world more moved than Chris Sader, the world’s number one Hulkamaniac. SADERMANIA tells the story of their inspirational tale, as Sader and Hogan relate how they met and developed a bond through mutual struggles and personal loss that each would have faced alone if not for the unlikely friendship that develops between them.

What happens when fan befriends his hero? That’s the power of SADERMANIA.

BARBED WIRE CITY (2013, Directors John Philapavage & Kevin Kiernan)

SATURDAY November 23rd – 4 PM Doors 3:30 PM

“The Most Accurate Telling of the ECW Story” – Joey Styles, the voice of Extreme Championship Wrestling

Utilizing a recipe of over the top theatrics, balls to the wall violence and vibrant characterizations so deep they cut to the bone and an audience so passionate they became part of the show, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) exemplified the excess of its era, becoming the punk rock pro wrestling product.

So what happens when a wrestling promotion so steeped in originality sees its concepts poached by larger, international companies with a far wider audience and far deeper pockets? Co-Directors John Philapavage and Kevin Kiernan’s critically acclaimed documentary digs deep into the psyche and history of the ECW culture to examine what made it tick, why so many lived and died by the initials and what happened to these hard-living, hard-performing eclectic personalities when ECW ceased to exist.

Often compared to Nirvana’s influence on music, ECW changed the professional wrestling landscape as well as the lives of its performers and fans forever. BARBED WIRE CITY took a decade to film and complete in order to provide a final epitaph on the gravestone of the only pro wrestling promotion in history that saw it’s audience rescue it from the brink of oblivion…and then resurrect it.

Following Barbed Wire City’s screening, Co-Directors John Philapavage & Kevin Kiernan, Strictly ECW Fan campaign leader Tony Lewis and a number of performers from the original ECW will be on hand for a special Q&A discussion on the film and legacy of ECW.

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