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Various News – The Cavinder Twins/Garcia Twins, Scott Steiner Math Promo, Maki Itoh, Waller



The Cavinder Twins posted a new video on their TikTok page featuring The Garcia Twins dancing with them.

It seems as if Nikki and Brie have passed the torch to Haley and Hanna, as the caption on the video reads, “When the Bella Twins passed the torch to us.”


double trouble x 2 @WWE #foryou #wwe #twins

♬ and my man thank you to my man latto casa di remix – CasaDi

In a recent appearance on WWE’s “The Bump,” Grayson Waller shared his experience working with people in WWE whom he grew up idolizing as a kid. The former NXT star also called Shawn Michaels and AJ Styles his favorites. Waller said,

“I’ve spoken about this before –- my favorite growing up was Shawn Michaels, which is such a sad situation because of everything that happened in ‘NXT.’ I will say, I still respect Shawn and everything he’s done. He put me in a great position so when I came up here to the main roster. I was ready to go. My other favorite was AJ Styles –- for me, I think as a kid, I put something online this week about your idols becoming rivals. I think that has happened, and the guys I looked up to now are the people that hate me a lot.”

In a recent interview with “Wrestling With Honor,” Maki Itoh stated that she is hopeful of an AEW return and wishes to have an active role on television. She said,

I still want to be in AEW. It is a narrow gate, but my dream is to become a [part of the] AEW roster and play an active role on TV.

In a recent appearance on the “Under the Ring” podcast, ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe revealed that Scott Steiner’s iconic match promo in TNA was filmed over two takes.

The reason the production required an extra take was because Petey Williams couldn’t keep it together the first time. Joe said,

I was there for it live and it was hilarious. I was standing on the other side of the camera guy, laughing. To Scott’s credit, I think it was only a two-take go and I think the first take was just because maybe Petey (Williams) broke because nobody was really expecting it. It was hilarious. Still is.

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