Video: NWA Stars Track Down & Tackle Thief Who Stole Natalia Markova’s Purse


NWA star Bryan Idol proved his skills out of the ring by recently tracking down a thief who stole Natalia Markova’s purse.

Idol, who plays a fashion model from Italy on-screen, learned that Makova had been robbed during a flight after the recent NWA tapings in Tampa.

He was able to find out where the thief went based on the AirPods Markova had left in her purse, using a finder app on her phone.

The pair found the thief at a Walmart in Pinellas Park, Florida, where they had attempted to use Markova’s Credit Card to purchase a $700 TV.

After recognizing the thief, Idol and Markova gave chase and the former tackled the attempted criminal to the ground and held him until police arrived.

Markova declined pressing charges, saying that she received all of her items back and the thief was released with a caution afterward.

The thief later admitted that it was the wrong thing to do and said he was “sorry.”

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