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NewsViktor On Not Speaking To WWE Tag Partner Konnor Anymore

Viktor On Not Speaking To WWE Tag Partner Konnor Anymore



Former WWE Superstar Viktor no longer speaks with his Ascension ally Konnor, but has said there is no bad blood between the two.

In WWE NXT, The Ascension was a dominant force, with their reign as NXT Tag Team Champions still holding the record for being the longest.

After a dismal run on the main roster The Ascension was released in 2019, and when speaking with PW Mania, Viktor discussed his relationship with Konnor. He said.

“We don’t keep in touch at all as of late. We haven’t spoken to each other in quite a while. There’s no bad blood there by any means. I think, when we got released we had a bunch of conversations about what we wanted to do, and I think it was kind of like, I looked at it this way. You know, it seemed to me where I was like, well, we’ve still got opportunity and there’s things going. So we both were like, ‘Yeah, you know, I think there’s still something left to do.’

“COVID hit, and just nothing. Nothing seemed to work out for us. So it’s like, you know, just constant stumbling blocks that we couldn’t seem to overcome.

“And I think I just kind of got really burnt out. Like, I think the first little while we enjoyed what we did. And then after a while there was so much hassle with things that I think it just started to take its toll on us. And I know, he just kind of went to do his separate thing. And I kind of didn’t want to do anything for a while. Like, I was like, you know, I just need to chill, I really was bitter. Bitter is the best way to put it, kind of, but I was just burned out, super burned out.

“Like when I think about all the teachers that I’ve seen and worked with who have sat and watched with and worked with a million different wrestlers and all the hours of wrestling that they’ve ever seen when it’s like, just in my time, I know how much I’ve seen. And it’s just like, wow, I just needed to take a really big break.”

Viktor recently appeared for the NWA as ‘Zyon’ while Konnor now works in Impact Wrestling as ‘Kon’ and is part of Violent By Design.

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