Vince Russo Alleges That Jim Cornette Issued Death Threat To Him & His Family


During a recent appearance on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s ‘UnSKripted’ podcast, Vince Russo made a stunning revelation pertaining to Jim Cornette, claiming that the latter allegedly issued a disturbing threat to Russo and his family’s safety.

The longstanding animosity between Russo and Cornette has been no secret and is considered somewhat legendary in wrestling circles, stemming from their history of collaboration at WWE and Impact Wrestling. The clashes arising from their divergent philosophies in the wrestling industry have been well-documented.


Russo recounted that their relationship had remained somewhat amicable during their tenure at WWE. However, once Russo exited the organization, Cornette’s demeanor took a dark turn, culminating in a voicemail where he menacingly threatened Russo’s life and the lives of his entire family.

Sharing the startling details of a voicemail left by Jim Cornette following Russo’s exit, he said,

“I worked with Eric Bischoff and Jim Cornette. When I left WWE, Cornette’s working with me the whole time in WWE, and everything was fine, bro. Everything’s hunky dory. The minute I left WWE, Jim Cornette left a voicemail on my machine, threatening to kill me and my entire family that my kids heard when they were at a very young age.”

Since Vince Russo has not been able to share any evidence pertaining to his allegations (plus the fact that he is Vince Russo), it’s advisable to take his comments with a grain of salt. Notably, Cornette has often made such statements on his podcasts as well, but they are mostly assumed to be in jest due to Cornette’s personality and the fundamental nature of the wrestling business itself.

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