Vince Russo Launches A New Podcast + Would Daren Young Fight The UFC’s Ronda Rousey?


— Vince Russo has posted the
first episode of his new podcast “The Swerve” online. The episode includes an
interview with his old writing partner Ed Ferrera, who came with him to WCW and
infamously portrayed the “Oklahoma” gimmick in WCW that ever-so-classily mocked
Jim Ross’ bell palsy. The podcast also includes his thoughts on last week’s
episodes of Impact and RAW.

You can check it out

— On Tuesday evening, WWE
Superstar Darren Young tweeted the following regarding current
UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda

“Some1 mentioned
@RondaRousey? I said I wouldn’t mind fighting her although she’s gotta have 1
arm tied behind her back! lol #never #awesome”

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