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Ronda Rousey – ‘Vince McMahon Is Still Secretly Running WWE Through Bruce Prichard!’



Ronda Rousey continues to blast WWE and the allegations that forced Vince McMahon to resign from both WWE and TKO.

During a recent appearance on “The Diary Of A CEO” podcast, Rousey looked back on her time in WWE, once again highlighting the notion that McMahon still has an influence on the company despite his resignation from TKO in January shortly after Janel Grant filed a sex trafficking lawsuit against him and WWE.

Rousey said, You would think it wouldn’t be an absolute cluster f**k sh** show, and you would be wrong. It was. And it’s so needlessly dangerous. A lot of times people can’t rehearse, things are changed last minute…  So a lot of these injuries happened because people just weren’t able to rehearse, and the company doesn’t give a s*** because we’re all expendable to them. When the stuff came out, and Vince was gone before, he was still basically just calling it in and running the company. Like Bruce Prichard — who’s there now — is basically just taking orders from Vince and still running the company through him… He was still running the company informally. And I think he still is to this day.”

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