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NewsWendi Richter Discusses Her Reaction To ‘Original Screwjob’ Pin By Fabulous Moolah

Wendi Richter Discusses Her Reaction To ‘Original Screwjob’ Pin By Fabulous Moolah



Wendi Richter was recently a guest on Busted Open Radio to discuss a variety of professional wrestling topics. During the interview, Richter talked about being victim to the “original screwjob” when the referee counted her to defeat despite kicking out at one against a masked opponent, which turned out to be Fabulous Moolah.

Richter at the time was the WWE Women’s Champion and was refusing to sign a new contract. Here’s some of the highlights:

Her issues with the company during her time there:

Every penny I made went to hotels, rental cars and food. I made less than the opening matches, and I was, most the time, semi main-event. When they would talk about what they were making, I was making like a third of what they were making, and that was opening matches. And that was my complaint with the WWF at the time.

Her reaction to getting legit pinned by Moolah:

I wish I would’ve knocked her dentures down her throat.

WWE wanting her to be part of a Battle Royal before her Hall of Fame induction:

I said, ‘Well, if Moolah is going to be in it, I’ll do it and I don’t even want to get paid. Wrestling that b***h is enough for me.’ But she already died.

Quotes via Wrestling Inc.

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