​Would Mike Adamle Ever Return To WWE?, Details Inside


In a “Where Are They Now?” article for WWE.com, Mike
Adamle commented on a possible return to the WWE. Adamle works as a sports
anchor for a Chicago NBC affiliate and trains for triathlons. Here are some
highlights from the article:

On his WWE debut at the 2008 Royal Rumble pay-per-view: “It was kind of petrifying, to tell you the
truth. You would think that with a lot of the live experience that I had, it
wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but that place was packed and I learned from the
get-go that WWE fans were a different breed. They know more about their sport
than football fans know about football and baseball fans know about baseball.
They know everything.”

On his WWE departure and if he’d
ever return:
“It was pretty
devastating to be let go. Mr. McMahon had brought me into his office and said,
‘We’re going to end this, today is your last show.’ I would come back in a
heartbeat. It’s something I wanted to be a part of and wanted to be successful
at. I still think about the people at WWE, because they were great. I miss a lot
of them. I miss the atmosphere.”

Check out the complete feature at WWE.com.

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