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NewsOTHERAl Snow On How Netflix's Wrestlers Docuseries Has Challenged OVW

Al Snow On How Netflix’s Wrestlers Docuseries Has Challenged OVW



Netflix’s ‘Wrestlers’ docuseries was a blessing for Ohio Valley Wrestling but has also given the promotion its share of challenges.

The docuseries was released in September of last year and focuses on the current stars of OVW, which was once WWE’s developmental ground.

On a recent edition of the “Developmentally Speaking” podcast, OVW head Al Snow spoke about how the docuseries has changed things for the promotion. He said,

“It comes with its own challenges. Now is the time where we really have to work even harder. I mean, it’s fantastic and the rub or the shine from Netflix has been amazing, and I’m so grateful to Gret Whiteley… he and his talented crew made everything here look amazing. And we’re on a great run. We just got to now capitalize on that and…when the novelty wears off, keep that audience. Keep that ball rolling. So the pressure’s on.

“It’s even more…it’s awesome, we’ve been selling out repeatedly, week after week, both live television and…we’re sold out for our February 10th PPV already. We sold out last week. Great! But that just puts more pressure that we’ve got to deliver a certain level of experience to keep…not only keep the audience we’ve garnered from Netflix coming back, but gaining more, and just building off of what we have. The stress never ends, it just keeps going, every single week.”

WWE & TNA legend Mickie James recently joined OVW in an executive role. Netflix will be airing wrestling relatively soon as WWE RAW will move to the streaming platform in 2025.

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