WWE Developmental Divas Update – A Release + Rehab


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— Ricardo Rodriguez is expected to wrestle more often in the coming months. Officials feel that Rodriguez, who worked under a mask as “El Lo Cal” for the Saturday Morning Slam tapings on Tuesday night against Sin Cara, brings out the best in Sin Cara. Many people are also unaware that Rodriguez is a very good wrestler and worked the indy scene for years before joining WWE.

— As noted earlier here on the website, the reason for WWE developmental Diva Raquel Diaz’s (aka Shaul Guerrero) profile on the WWE NXT website being removed is that she reportedly asked for her release and the company granted it. Guerrero, the daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero, signed with the company in October 2010 and was considered to be a good talker and decent worker. Many noted that she did have a long way to go with her in-ring work but was getting better as time went on. No word on why she requested her release as of this writing. We hope to have more shortly.

— As noted earlier, WWE developmental Diva Natalie Osman, better known as Buggy Nova/Skyler Moon in FCW/NXT, has reportedly checked into a rehab facility due to substance abuse issues. Osman, who signed a WWE developmental contract a few months ago, had her profile taken off the NXT website last month and has not appeared on social media or NXT events for the past few weeks. Her rehab and WWE status are not currently known, though the rehab is sponsored by the company as per the norm. We wish her all the best in getting well.

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