WWE Divas Supporting Breast Cancer Today + Credible


— On behalf of WWE and Susan G. Komen’s Partnership to End Breast Cancer, Alicia Fox and Lilian Garcia are appearing at the Super Bi-Lo at Verdae Village in Greenville, South Carolina, today offering free mammograms.

— Former ECW Champion Justin Credible has published a new column. Credible talks about about Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell, Monday’s Raw including Damien Sandow cashing in, beginning his DDPYoga certification program, among other topics. This week Justin Credible talks about putting together a good character on his Pro Wrestling 101 video series. Here is an excerpt from his article:

“Monday night on Raw they came out hot with Damien Sandow cashing in his MITB briefcase on the opening segment of Raw against newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. They had a hell of a match last night, with Sandow doing a number on Cena’s surgically repaired arm. Even though Sandow lost the match, he left looking better than when he went in. Sandow looked evil, and had a killer instinct. I think he is ready to break out very soon.

“I hope that this is not the end of Daniel Bryan. WWE gave him a tiny bone by having him put HBK in the Yes lock, but is that it. I don’t know were any of this is going, but last week we were talking about a possible HHH vs Daniel Bryan or Bryan vs HBK. That now seems highly unlikely. It seems that all the focus has been put on Big Show, and Bryan moved down to work with CM Punk vs Wyatts. If so What A Waste.

“I’m really excited about beginning my DDPYoga certification program. I spoke with DDP last week, and I super stoked about what he’s doing with DDPYoga. I’m grateful to be a part of such a wonderful family. He is doing some amazing things with his program, and he has allowed us to learn and use it for ourselves to help as many people as possible. Thank You Dallas.”

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