WWE Executive Reveals Internal View of YouTube Channel


According to WWE’s Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Wilson, WWE do not view YouTube as “testing ground” for the WWE Network and none of the shows on YouTube are being considered for full-length shows on the new network. In fact, WWE are using YouTube in an attempt to encourage people to turn back to TV.

Speaking to Variety, Wilson revealed that the WWE’s YouTube channel will be separate from the WWE Network. “It’s another outlet for our Superstars, where they can further develop their on-air personalities. We’re viewing the YouTube channel as a promotional platform. It’s short-form content. It’s meant to be engaging and entertaining, but at the end of the day, it’s promotional content that’s meant to drive eyeballs back to TV.”

According to Wilson, WWE originally came up with 30 ideas for YouTube shows and only 9 made the cut. None of these however are pilots for the WWE Network.

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