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NewsWWE News - Tommaso Ciampa, Grayson Waller/AJ Styles, Shawn Michaels/Baron Corbin

WWE News – Tommaso Ciampa, Grayson Waller/AJ Styles, Shawn Michaels/Baron Corbin



Speaking on the “Out of Character” podcast, Tommaso Ciampa discussed getting his NXT theme song back upon returning to the RAW brand last month. Ciampa’s current main roster theme is a modified version of ‘No One Will Survive’. He said,

I didn’t have a clue that my music was going to be ‘No One Will Survive’ until seconds before walking out the curtain. I was going through my warm up and I said to someone, ‘What’s my music going to be?’ ‘I don’t know, I guess we should have thought about that.’ No rehearsal or anything. ‘What do you want it to be?’ ‘The new one is very good, I like it a lot, it is also very slow and fantastic when I’m a methodical heel. I do have this old NXT music that is probably better for this specific scenario where I’m going to be a surprise.’ That was the whole conversation, it was probably three minutes before I went out. Seconds before I went out, somebody did thumbs up, ‘No one will survive.’ I was amped when I heard it and the crowd reaction was so good.”

In a post on Twitter, Grayson Waller compared AJ Styles to Bluey, calling them both “overrated.”  He wrote,

Bluey and AJ Styles have a lot in common! They’re both overrated. Also I hope @JohnnyGargano saw this.

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, WWE’s SVP of Talent Development Creative, Shawn Michaels discussed Baron Corbin’s return to NXT, calling the former Mr. Money In The Bank a ‘plus’ for the developmental brand. The Heartbreak Kid said,

Yeah, absolutely. Look, I will go back to Finn Balor. I was so happy to get to work with him when he came back to NXT again, and same thing with Apollo (Crews) and Mustafa Ali. I’m telling you, Baron Corbin is another guy. The one thing that I love is that a lot of times, you go up to the main roster, and again, it is fantastic, that is everybody’s goal. Having been there, I understand it. It’s everything that you want. You want to go out there, have a chance to be a part of a WrestleMania; possibly headline a WrestleMania, stand in front of a stadium with 80,000 people screaming your name is what we all get into this line of work for. That and to make a really good living. Sometimes doing that comes with a lot of stress, a lot of focus, a lot of anxiety, and sometimes we forsake the fun and the enjoyment of that. One of the things that I so much enjoy about the guys and girls that come back here from the main roster is that we bring that passion back to them. Once again, they’re around a younger environment. They’re around a place where enjoyment and fun and passion are what it’s all about here in NXT. NXT is where it’s fresh, and it’s new, and it’s pure. It isn’t all about the money and headlining premium live events and standing at WrestleMania because that’s not gonna happen here in NXT. Yes, you’re gonna have success, you’re gonna make some money, but this is where you learn, you enjoy it. These are the college years. Everybody looks back on college as some of the best times of their lives, and that’s what we try to do here in NXT.”

“That’s one thing that Baron Corbin is having the opportunity to do. He’s coming back here, he’s having a great deal of fun, he’s finding himself again. He’s finding his voice, he’s finding who it is he wants to be. Not who someone else wants to be, but who is Baron Corbin, and who is he going to be going forward in the wrestling business, and more importantly, here in the WWE? That’s really fun for us, and it’s something that’s enjoyable to bring that reinvigoration to each individual as they find through here. We’re excited for Baron, he’s having a good time, he’s having fun again. Look, we’re excited to have him because it’s a huge plus for us. He brings a lot of experience. It’s gonna help a lot of our younger superstars grow and get better because he’s a guy that’s been there, done that, and seen that. So for us, it’s just pluses across the board when you get an opportunity to have somebody like Baron Corbin step back into NXT. Everybody is gonna benefit from that, and we’re thrilled about it.”

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