WWE To Pitch UK Series “King Of The Ring” To Broadcasters In The UK


Per a report from PWInsider, the WWE is set to pitch its UK series, “King Of The Ring,” to UK broadcasters. The goal is to have a WWE property that is centric to the UK, produced in Great Britain and featuring an all-English cast. One broadcaster WWE is set to pitch to is ITV, who has been developing a World of Sport series who’s pilot aired last year but planned tapings have been pushed back.

A recent report suggests that the delay was because of ITV and Impact Wrestling failing to come to an agreement on the series. It is not known why the agreement fell apart; but some talents that were supposed to be involved blame Jeff Jarrett and Anthem Sports for pushing for an ongoing series, while ITV wanted a ten-episode series to fit the UK’s short TV seasons.

ITV’s original plans to move ahead with the series led to WWE speeding up their own plans for a UK-centric brand. That led to the creation of the WWE’s UK Tournament and the signing of several UK talents. King Of The Ring is a play off of the WWE’s former longtime pay-per-view (PPV) tournament that ran from 1993 – 2006. It has returned sporadically throughout the years. It is not yet known how or when the series is set to launch.

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