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NewsWWE RUMORS: Plans Going Forward For The WWE Championship

WWE RUMORS: Plans Going Forward For The WWE Championship



Now that the WWE “Superstar Shake-Up” is starting to settle down, things are becoming clearer as far as the direction of certain superstars and championships. One of the things that was confusing and may have been cleared up was the plans for the WWE Championship.

Randy Orton is set to defend his WWE Championship in a “House Of Horrors” match vs. Bray Wyatt at WWE Payback(RAW Exclusive PPV). According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Orton will retain the title which means the championship will indeed be staying on Smackdown Live, considering Bray Wyatt is now on Monday Night’s.

There has been no official description of the “House Of Horrors” match but WWE has emailed  their “Fan Council” gathering suggestions of what they would like to see in the match.

According to Kate Foray of The Rolling Stone, the email included this list of possible elements that could be in the match:

  • Cage
  • Darkness
  • Fire
  • Pitch Forks
  • “Sheeple”
  • Mirrors
  • Projected images
  • Fog
  • A match set outside the arena
  • Creepy/scary
  • Music
  • Other
  • Nothing different

From the “House Of Horrors” match at WWE Payback, next is the Smackdown Live exclusive PPV, Backlash on May 21st. The Wrestling Observer also reported that the current plan is to have Baron Corbin challenge for the WWE Championship at Backlash. The report also noted that it is too early for Shinsuke Nakamura to feud with the WWE Champ, Randy Orton. Nakamura is expected to engage in a feud with Dolph Ziggler, as seen by his run-in with Ziggler this past week on Smackdown Live.

Once again, these are just rumors & speculation and nothing is set until we see this play out for ourselves in the coming weeks and months.

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