WWE Superstars Discuss Picking Their Nose & More


For those who may have missed it earlier, this week on “WWE Inbox,” Superstars comment on whether they’ve ever been caught picking their nose while driving.

“I really don’t care because if you have a booger up there, you have to pick it,” says WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston. “I pick my nose quite a bit.”

WWE Divas Champion Layla says, “It’s normal. It’s what you do in the car, right?” She continues, “You think nobody’s looking at you, you start picking your nose and then you’re like, “Oh God, that person just saw me.”

Derrick Bateman, however, doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him picking his nose.

“It’s not so much that caught picking my nose, it’s that I choose to pick my nose in public because I do not care what people think of my sanitary habits,” he says.

Superstars also reveal their favorite restaurants and what they stock their fridges with. You can watch the video below:

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