WWE To Hype Major RAW Beginning Tonight?, Roberts


Top Rank founder and CEO Bob Arum recently spoke with The Sweet Science and was asked about whether the WWE Network model could work for boxing. Arum said, “Maybe because of the nature of the wrestling, it can be implemented. But boxing, the fights are legitimate, and all that, so it’s difficult. But I think Vince may be on to something… It’s interesting to see how that develops. I wouldn’t sell Vince short on anything. But then again, I’m not convinced that it works. If you charge ten bucks for a boxing channel, you’re still going to have some middlemen,” Arum noted. “For example, how are you going to collect the money? Credit cards? A percentage goes to the credit card company.”

— There’s a good chance that tonight WWE will begin promoting the February 24th edition of RAW, which emanates from Green Bay, Wisconsin. The company is looking to get a big rating for the show, which is the post-Elimination Chamber edition of the show, as well as the night of the WWE Network launch. As noted, The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan are both expected to appear.

— Former WWE Women’s Champion Rockin’ Robin recently took part in a shoot interview with Highspots.com. You can view a preview of that below:

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