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Bruce Prichard – ‘Edge & Vickie Guerrero Never Turned Ideas Down’



WWE’s Executive Director Bruce Prichard has praised the efforts of Edge & Vickie Guerrero, who in his words were “game for everything.”

Edge and Guerrero became an on-screen power couple in 2007 with Guerrero using her role as SmackDown General Manager to give Edge the best opportunities.

On a recent edition of his “Something To Wrestle With” podcast, Prichard, who was on the creative team during this run, recalled the pair’s work. He said,

“They were game for everything. And there was nothing…I cannot give you one example of them ever saying no to any idea that was presented to them. And everything that they did, they went in with a huge smile on their face, and they did it, they did it to perfection. They usually did it a lot better than you could’ve hoped or imagined.

“As you picture it in your mind, you say ‘Hey can you do this?’ ‘Yes, I can do that, and I’ll do that. Great. As a matter of fact, what if we did this?’ And they got it, and you felt that through the screen because there was natural…it was two talents that really wanted to take it to the next level. And they did.”

Guerrero and Edge would ‘divorce’ in 2009. After the Rated-R Superstar turned face in 2010, he’d later feud with Guerrero’s client at the time – Dolph Ziggler.

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