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Bruce Prichard – ‘I Can’t Comment On Vince McMahon Allegations Because I Work For WWE’



At the end of last month, Vince McMahon resigned from WWE and TKO Group following allegations of sex trafficking, sexual assault and more. While McMahon has denied all of the allegations, he is under criminal investigation.

Taking to his “Something to Wrestle” podcast, Bruce Prichard stated that he simply cannot comment on the pending lawsuit or allegations because he’s currently employed by WWE. He said,

“As far as lawsuits and things of that nature, I’m not at liberty to discuss any legal matters of the company whatsoever. To that, there is nothing that I can say. There can’t be a response from the legal standpoint. You can ask until you’re blue in the face, and that’s going to be your answer. I’m not involved, I’m not being sued, I’m not being accused of anything. It’s a legal matter. Sometimes, it is as simple as, for those who believe, the explanation is needed; for those that don’t, no explanation will do. That’s kind of where we are. Let the rest of it sit in the hands of the fine legal system we have here in the United States of America. No one told me not to do anything on the podcast other than the simple fact that I work for a company that is involved in a lawsuit right now. I can’t comment. Folks, if you work at a large company and your large company is being sued, there is very little you can say about it. If you do, that’s a good way for you to lose your job.“

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