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Bully Ray – ‘Akira Tozawa Deserves Roman Reigns More Than The Rock’



There’s a long line of Superstars who deserve a shot at WrestleMania 40 with Roman Reigns ahead of The Rock, according to Bully Ray.

Since The Rock’s return to WWE last week, fans have taken issue with the Great One being pushed as Reigns’ next challenger, with many feeling Cody Rhodes is more deserving.

On a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Ray argued that given The Rock’s lack of matches as of late, it’s not just Rhodes who’s more worthy of a title shot. He said,

“How do you come waltzing back in without being around for what, 10 years?… So you can just come waltzing back in and step on every last person? Listen, as of right now, [Akira] Tozawa deserves a shot at Roman Reigns more than The Rock. Because at least Tozawa has matches under his belt.

“Now, if you come out of the press conference with Rock vs. Roman for ‘Head of the Table,’ for a main event that doesn’t have the [Undisputed WWE Universal Championship] on the line, I can deal with that a little better.”

A WWE WrestleMania 40 Kickoff press conference will take place later today. The Rock, Roman Reigns, and Cody Rhodes are all expected to appear at the event.

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