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Cinta de Oro – ‘WWE Never Gave Me A Chance, I Was More Talented Than Half The Roster’



Former WWE Superstar Cinta de Oro felt that he was better than half the roster during his WWE run, but was never given the chance to succeed.

De Oro is best known for his run as the second Sin Cara that was introduced after the original was suspended in 2011. He would also spend a portion of his run as Hunico.

On a recent edition of the “Wrestle Binge” podcast, de Oro spoke about his run as Hunico and feeling WWE didn’t give him a fair shot. He said,

“I really felt that they never really gave me an opportunity to succeed under Hunico, you know. Then I got injured a year after that, tore my ACL. So, I was out for another year… In every company, it’s hard. It’s not about just one company. Overall, if you look at the wrestling scene, there’s not enough companies in the world like Soccer teams.

“We are very limited you know… to become a star. I am talking of my own experience. Everybody has a different experience. For me, I felt I was more talented than half of the roster, to be honest, many times, the people I got to wrestle with. But I also understood it was a business.”

De Oro became an NXT Tag Team Champion in 2014 when he won the titles with Kalisto. He requested and was granted his release from WWE in late 2019.

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