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Drew McIntyre – ‘Let’s Make This Clear, I’m Not A Hypocrite’



Drew McIntyre recently took to TikTok to comment on The Bloodline and Cody Rhodes.

In his video, which you can see below, McIntyre explained why he’s not a hypocrite for being critical of The Bloodline and then capitalizing on their help to beat Cody Rhodes on Monday’s episode of WWE RAW.

You can check out some highlights from the video below:

On doing media in Australia: “We’re in Perth, Western Australia, only took about 30 hours of flying to get here. I left right after Raw, right after defeating Cody Rhodes and of course heading right to the gym. I was the only one trusted by WWE to do media after literally stepping off the plane, while the other rest, which I have no issues with. I’ve worked hard to be trusted when it counts and as a result of these factors, I haven’t really had the chance to properly reflect on the past 48 hours, but I’ll give it go if people will stop asking for a picture every two seconds.”

On beating Rhodes with The Bloodline’s help: “I’ve also read what some people have been saying online, you’ve heard what Cole and McAfee had to say. Let’s make this clear, I’m not a hypocrite. Don’t be pushing a false narrative to the masses when you have such power to influence instead of coming to the source and understanding the big picture. Watch Monday back, look in my eyes, what do you see? You clearly see I wanted to attack Solo and when the time is right, I will. But I’ve grown as a person, a competitor, a leader. I can’t be selfish. I have to do what’s right for the fans and the future of the world title, even if he causes me physical and mental pain.

“I knew that a win over Cody sends me to Australia with even more momentum, only second person to pin him in two years, not to mention I’ve got LA Knight on SmackDown before Elimination Chamber on Saturday. An appropriate week for a true workhorse. Seth has the easy road, I’m taking the hard road, as I’ve always done in my career and I’m leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind I am the real deal and I do not deserve my moment, I’ve earned it.”


Fresh off beating Cody Rhodes and then a 30-hour flight to Australia… Am I *really* a hypocrite? #wwe #wweraw #wwechamber #wrestlemania

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