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NewsWWEKarrion Kross Plants Some Seeds Of Dissent Within The Pride

Karrion Kross Plants Some Seeds Of Dissent Within The Pride



Karrion Kross and Bobby Lashley have been part of a heated feud for the past few months. This feud has escalated into a rivalry between The Final Testament and The Pride.

Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown saw the Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar, interfere in Lashley’s match against Kross, resulting in a disqualification win for Lashley. 

In a “Digital Exclusive” after SmackDown, Kross proposed an idea that Montez Ford should assume the role of the new leader of The Pride. He said,

“This was the desired outcome. Everybody’s so wound up around here. ‘Why, you have to win. I have to win the match, or the fans gonna cheer for me.’ Bobby’s obsessed with winning. Always has been. But lately, now he’s starting to make mistakes, and can you really afford to be making mistakes, Bobby, when you’re the leader of The Pride? You’re responsible for their careers. Now, yeah, you won, but how does it feel to win when you’re unconscious? Tell me, Bobby. Huh? Put it in black and white. I’ve got this man’s blood on my hands. I’m not the one who looks like a loser. Check out the ring. Check out the EMTs, medical. He’s the loser. I mean, hell, maybe The Pride needs a new leader. If it’s not gonna be me, I think it should be Montez Ford. He’s the new breakout star, but we all know he can’t do that when he’s dragging Dawkins, and Bobby’s not letting him be the best version of himself. I’m just saying what everybody’s thinking. Tick tock.”

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