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Kevin Owens – ‘My Son Owen Has The Tools To Have A Pretty Good Wrestling Career’



In a recent appearance on the “Inside the Ropes” podcast, WWE Superstar Kevin Owens discussed the possibility of his son Owen becoming a pro wrestler.

While Owen does wish to pursue wrestling, he isn’t as passionate about it as Kevin was in his teens.

Owens said, “He’s not passionate like I am. He doesn’t eat it like I did. I was living, breathing wrestling 24/7 when I was his age. He’s not like that, but he likes it. He likes sitting with me and watching classic matches that I choose to [show] him. And whenever he gets to come [watch] live, obviously he appreciates everything. He wants to try, he wants to start training. I’m in no rush. He’s 16. I started when I was 14, and while I’m thankful for all the experience, it was probably too early. He can take his time. He’s just turned 16, He’s six-foot-seven around 280 [pounds] and he’s still growing I think. I think if he wants to he has the tools to have a pretty good career if he were to choose.”

Owens has yet to find a spot on the WrestleMania 40 card after failing to win the men’s Elimination Chamber match last month.

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