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NewsWWEMatt Hardy Remembers Bray Wyatt, McKenzie Mitchell On Her WWE Experience

Matt Hardy Remembers Bray Wyatt, McKenzie Mitchell On Her WWE Experience



On a recent edition of the “Eyes Up Here” podcast, former WWE broadcaster McKenzie Mitchell revealed whether she ever experienced anything inappropriate during her time in WWE, in light of the recent sex trafficking and sexual assault allegations against former executives Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis.

McKenzie said, “I had a really pleasant experience in my time with WWE. I did not experience any type of situation that way. I think too, it’s such a different time, I think it’s such a different era of it being in 2024, and the women are headlining WrestleMania and pay-per-views and Royal Rumbles, you name it. So I feel like it’s a different time, it’s a different era, and so I was lucky enough to not ever experience that, or to see anything of that matter.”

Mitchell was released from WWE in December 2023.

Taking to Twitter, Matt Hardy shared a throwback photo of himself and the late Bray Wyatt when they won the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships at Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 in Saudi Arabia.

Hardy wrote, “#WBW 2018 A rare pic of The Deleters of Worlds after we won the WWE RAW Tag Titles in Saudi Arabia.”

Bray Wyatt tragically passed away in August 2023 at 36 years old.

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