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NewsAEWKonnan Critiques AEW's Booking Of CMLL Talent, QT Marshall Talks Cody Rhodes

Konnan Critiques AEW’s Booking Of CMLL Talent, QT Marshall Talks Cody Rhodes



On a recent edition of his “Keepin’ It 100” podcast, AAA booker Konnan critiqued Tony Khan’s booking of CMLL wrestlers on AEW television.

Konnan said, “They [CMLL] came in, nobody knew who they were, they were standing…or sitting in the audience, [Jon] Moxley made fun of them or whatever when he went to the corner, so now a match is made with no backstory, nothing. Then they have two matches, and now they’re [BCC] already wrestling FTR. Two matches that meant nothing, did nothing for anybody, right? Really nothing. Then they bring this kid in, Atlantis Jr., nobody knows who the f*** it is.”

On a recent edition of the “WrestleBinge” podcast, AEW’s QT Marshall discussed Cody Rhodes establishing himself as the new face of WWE following his return in 2022.

Marshall said, “100%. I think getting him away from WWE and letting him do his own thing and figuring it out on his own, what he needed to do, so on and so forth. People always say, ‘What do you think he did?’ … And I always say, ‘From what he told me, he went and did every independent show he possibly could do. He met every single fan, shook their hand, spoke to them, looked them in the eye like human beings, and just told them how much he appreciated their support.’”

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