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Rhea Ripley – ‘The Judgment Day Needs To Get Rid Of Cockroach R-Truth’



On a recent edition of WWE’s “The Bump,” WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley declared that R-Truth doesn’t belong to The Judgment Day despite his desperate efforts to reinstate himself in the faction.

You can check out some highlights from Ripley below:

On R-Truth: “The R-Truth thing is comical, very, very comical, but like I’ve said to the boys, he’s not in [Judgment Day]. We’ve all come to an agreement [that] R-Truth isn’t in, so we need to stop with that. We need to get rid of him, and we need him to get the message that he is not a part of The Judgment Day.”

On The Judgment Day losing steam because of R-Truth: “I feel like here on RAW, The Judgment Day, we ran Monday Night RAW. We ran the WWE. And I feel like with everything that’s been going on, we’ve lost a bit of steam, and that makes Mami very mad. I feel like it’s because Truth is just a funny dude, and he, for some reason, loves Judgment Day and wants to be a part of us … Me and the boys, we want to be taken seriously, so that’s why we keep attacking Truth. We want him gone. We want him to leave us alone, but he’s like a cockroach. He just keeps coming back.”

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