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Road Dogg On Making Wrestlers Laugh During Matches, Tattoo On The Back Of His Head



On a recent edition of his “Oh You Didn’t Know” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Brian “Road Dogg” James discussed ribbing people in matches, the tattoo on the back of his head, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the tattoo on the back of his head: “I did not lose a bet or anything. It’s what it is: a cow skull. It’s basically a dreamcatcher on the back of my head and it’s like a cow skull with some feathers hanging off of them. So yeah, I thought it was like a dreamcatcher. And look, I went to the tattoo studio because the tattooist was also my weed guy. And so I went there, and he had more than weed, and I ended up with a tattoo on the back of my head. You know, it’s pretty much the same story with a lot of my tattoos. I get a lot of grief for my jailhouse tattoos. I don’t know. That’s the story of my life, the bottom of every bottle.

“It didn’t hurt as bad as — he broke like four tattoo needles doing it. And like, I would just hear it go, ‘What was that?’ ‘Nothing. I’m just gonna change the needle real quick.’ And so yeah, I don’t know if it was my hard head or him pressing hard or whatever. When I’m 60, it’ll be a big blob. And the bad part is, I won’t be able to grow my hair out because I’m balding right here and just race into the back to meet you. There’s a bet, and everything is a pool. It’s pretty much like a Royal Rumble pool.”

On trying to make wrestlers laugh in matches: “I did laugh a lot in the ring. I stuck my thumb up D-Von’s booty in Madison Square Garden. The first time we ever wrestled. And I said, ‘Welcome to Madison Square.’ But like every night, there was something like that. You know what I mean? Like just a joke, a rib, have fun. Sometimes, it was physical; sometimes, it was just joking out loud in the ring. But yeah, it was all — I didn’t know. Maybe look at the argument for me how much fun I had? Too much, apparently. But I had a great time doing it.”

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