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RVD – ‘I Didn’t Want To Sign With WWE In 2001 At First’



Rob Van Dam had a lengthy, successful career in WWE, but the Hall of Famer was very cautious about joining the promotion early on.

After the demise of ECW, RVD joined the then-WWF in 2001 and would become WWE Champion five years later.

On a recent edition of his “1 Of A Kind” podcast, RVD admitted that he was worried WWE would give him a goofy character far from his true self. He said,

“That’s why I didn’t want to go to WWE in 2001. I was afraid that they would give me some lame character and change everything about me. That really bothered me because, obviously, it’s always been important for me to be myself, and I really thought that was going to be up for battle. I thought they were going to come up with some lame, who knows what. That’s why I was even upset… I didn’t tell them that I kissed Ted DiBiase’s foot because I didn’t want them to make an angle out of it.”

The angle RVD is referring to played out years before he signed and saw the young Van Dam kiss DiBiase’s feet for money in a sign of the Million Dollar Man’s immense wealth.

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